iPhone/iPod hash generation

You can generate a HashInfo file for your device here. This file will let you defeat Apple's third-party application lockout by enabling open-source and third-party tools to hash databases for your phone.

If you have used iTunes before on your device, you do not need this file. Only users who cannot use iTunes or do not wish to install it need to use this web generator.

Once you have downloaded this file, mount your iPod or iPhone (if you have not done so already) and locate the iTunes_Control or iPod_Control folder (whichever exists). Locate or create the Device folder within, and move the HashInfo file there.

Please ensure that the file is named HashInfo, not HashInfo.bin. Apparently some browsers like to do this.

Your device UUID/FirewireID
16/40-character hex string*

* iPhone OS devices (iPhone and iPod Touch) use a 40-character UUID, while other iPods use a 16-character Firewire ID.